This card set is part of an ongoing collaboration between Janna Dorothy and Renee Sills of Embodied Astrology. 

Everyone has all 12 signs of their zodiac in their astrological chart, in what are called ‘the houses.’ Each one describes a different sphere of life. In simple terms they relate to: identity, personal wealth, communication + early learning, home & family, creativity, work + health, partnerships, sex & death, spirituality + higher learning, career, friends + networks, and finally, dreams + the unconscious.


This deck includes twelve 6 x 6" cards featuring 

written affirmations for the signs by Embodied Astrology

astrological insights including ruling planets, qualities, elements, body rulerships, & balancing signs.


Handmade Collage Art Visual Affirmations + Design by Janna Dorothy


Comes encased in a chipboard case locally sourced by the artist. 


Astro Affirmations