Raise your vibration with this sacred geometry platonic solid and yantra vinyl sticker collection. 


These durable stickers are waterproof and made to last on your notebook, waterbottle, guitar case, car, laptop, you name it.  For best results do not peel and re-stick. 


  1.  dodecahedron - 3 x 3"       this platonic solid is symbolic of the spirit / ether element
  2.  tetrahedron - 3.5 x 3"         this platonic solid is symbolic of the fire element
  3.  prairie dodeca  - 3 x 3"       lifted from my best selling print 'prairie dream'
  4.   air sign - 4 x 3.5 "              combines the dodecahedron (spirit) inside the icosahedron (water)
  5.   solar chakra - 4 x 4"          this yantra for the solar plexus & relates to fire, humor, willpower, career
  6.   crown chakra - 4 x 4"        this yantra for the crown chakra relates to infinity, spirituality & oneness
  7.   sri yantra - 4 x 4"               this ancient yantra symbolizes the Masculine / Feminine Divine & the union                                                    between cosmos & the body. 


Sacred Seven Sticker Pack


    All images copyright Janna Dorothy.