logo design, print collateral, album cover art,  illustration, calligraphy, layout, visual merchandizing, branding and identity.  

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for Treize au Jardin Paris
tote bag

calligraphy and design

scorpio season

embodied astrology promo image

capricorn season

embodied astrology promo image

OM yoga instruction
Soul Wake business card

Upcycled Journals, Collage + Design

Tetrahedron sticker

Vinyl Sticker. Collage + Product design

vector pattern, personal project

Upcycled Journal : Collage + Design

Astro Affirmations

collaboration with Renee Sills of Embodied Astrology.

Album Art

collage + design album art for The Price of Things

Stickers, collage + design

In Layers

Poster image for Chaos Formative Dance, Portland.

Upcycled Journals, Collage + Design

Chakra Yantra Affirmation Cards - Hand-made Collage + Design

chakra yantra affirmations collage + design

album art

Business Card, Sugarplum Cakeshop

logo + business card

Triumph Bistro Logo

Triumph BIstro Sign